Breakfast at Tiffany's was such a lovely evening it could have been dinner at the Ritz.

Sean Mathias was our surprise special guest at the lovely Lexi Cinema. Sean is a lauded and applauded film and theatre director most recently channeling the combined talents of Sir Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Simon Callow in a recent production of 'Waiting for Godot' at the West End's Haymarket Theatre where he is presently Artistic Director. At the time of this event, Sean was in the midst of bringing Breakfast at Tiffany's into the Haymarket for its theatrical debut, he was the obvious man for the job of host and we were thrilled when he accepted.

The poster for Breakfast at Tiffany's was designed by Dan Canyon and looked terrific outside the Lexi with magnificently large Audrey Hepburn eyes blazing into the night. Dan also supplied the ingenious flickbook homage to 'Moon River', the Henry Mancini ditty that won the 1961 Oscar for best original song.


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