Back in 2006 the flicker club had its first proper outing, only then we called ourselves the rather grand name of Bacchae Productions

We had a happy relationship with Disney Theatricals at The Lyceum Theatre in the Aldwych and it just so happened that 2006 marked the centenary of the death of the very first actor to be knighted, Henry Irving.

This was pretty significant because prior to Irving's knighthood actors had been referred to as vagabonds and whores.. So, with typical flicker club zest we set to work organising a suitably prestigious homage.

With the generous support of Disney Theatrical, being the visiting theatrical company, and Clear Channel, the present owners of the lovely Lyceum, we took over that 3,000 seat theatre for the evening of Monday 13th of February to pay tribute to the great man. 

At 7.30pm the Aldwych came to a respectful standstill while Sir Donald Sinden introduced Sir Ian McKellen to unveil an historic plaque dedicated to Irving and also to his famous theatre manager, Bram Stoker, author of the seminal novel 'Dracula', parts of which had been written in the building on Lyceum Headed paper. .

After this, the doors were opened to the audience for a very special performance of the Leopold Lewis play 'The Bells'. This is a barn storming piece of melodrama, dated by todays standards but, The Silence of the Lambs of its day and was the lay that saved the Lyceum from closure and put Mr. Irving on the map.

And what a cast we gathered.

Steven Berkoff headlined the show wonderfully supported by such luminaries as Cherie Lunghi, Derren Nesbit, Ronald Pickup, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Daisy Beaumont, Ian Lavender, Daniela Denby-Ashe and Ron Moody. The director of the piece was our dear friend Roy Marsden, with an introduction by Simon Callow


Heady stuff.

If you ever pass The Lyceum do please take a moment to seek out our plaque by the front entrance. We're rather proud of it.

For those who couldn't be there that night and are not in possession of a time machine (you really ought to invest in one you know)  we have included some photos of that memorable night and a little snippet of the unveiling.






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