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Report on our sell out screening of 'The Graduate'.

The sexy leg that appears in the iconic poster of The Graduate does not belong to Anne Bancroft but rather it is an appendage of the lovely Linda Gray of Dallas fame.

Robert Redford and Warren Beatty were both turned down for the role of Benjamin Braddock.

Doris Day turned down the role of Mrs Robinson.

The Simon and Garfunkle album of the music from 'The Graduate' knocked The Beatles off their number one position on the American charts with 'The White Album'.

You can buy a mean cocktail at the flicker club bar.

The Popcorn was extra salty.


Actor Jake Maskall flew back from filming in Slovakia just to read from the Charles Webb source novel.

Charles Webb and his wife 'Fred' now live in Hove, Sussex.

He wrote a sequel to The Graduate entitled 'Home School' published by Hutchinsons. Why not check it out?

What ever shall we learn in the next exciting installment of the flicker club?

Thank You to all that came, we loved having you.







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