NOVA promised you a festival of 'Weirdness and Wonder' and we contributed to that promise.

What is more weird and wonderful than Lewis Carroll's, Alice in Wonderland... well...we'll tell you.

How about Jan Svankmajer's 1988 film version of 'Alice in Wonderland'.
You can forget all your comforting memories of dear old Disney's cheerful rendition.
Jan Svankmajer, a card-carrying member of the Prague Surrealist Group since 1969,  takes us into the dark heart of Carroll's deceptively sinister story.

As a prelude to the film, we brought the book to life. The CarneyVille Players were the living embodiment of Carroll's creations. You could  share a pipe with the caterpillar, chase the White Rabbit, get crazy with Mad Hatter, quarrel with the queen and meet the amazing ailurophile Alice... then we get cosy in our cinema tent.

You were all invited to our tea party, a sup on an elixir and a dalliance with the flicker club







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