"I'd like to report a truck driver who is endangering my life"


The script is adapted by Richard Matheson from his own short story,  originally published in Playboy magazine. It was inspired by a real- life experience, in which Matheson was tailgated by a trucker on his  way home from a golfing match with friend Jerry Sohl, on the same day as the Kennedy assassination.
The short story was given to Spielberg  by his secretary, who reportedly read the magazine for the stories.



Duel is a 1971 film starring Dennis Weaver, who plays a terrified  motorist stalked on a remote and lonely  road by the unseen driver of a mysterious tanker truck. It was written by Richard Matheson,
based on his own short story, and directed by Steven Spielberg in his feature film directing debut.

Steven  Spielberg's first ever feature film and right from the start he proves himself a master storyteller.





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