Can you hear that 'tap,tap, tapping' sound?

No, it's not a Raven rapping at your chamber door. That's us at the flicker club clapping our hands in glee.

What a wonderful day was June the 4th. After three month's preparation, we finally let loose our day long tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

The morning saw the arrival of two large vehicles. In the first  was a pop up screen and projector provided by our chums at Nomad for the various films we intended to show during the day and, in the other, a precious cargo of Poe memorabilia provided by The Edgar Allan Poe Society.

The Poe collection and screen were all installed in the lovely Stoke Newington Town Hall. The screen filled the stage and the collection ran the length of the hall. There were film posters, first edition books, original daguerreotypes and all manner of gothic paraphernalia.

We opened for business with a lively, funny and informative panel discussion about the life, work and influence of Edgar Poe.

Barry Forshaw was master of ceremonies and we were extremely fortunate to have such literary luminaries as Pat Cadigan, Christopher Stephen Jones, Nicholas Royal and Kim Newman as our guest speakers.

Together they managed to entertain and enlighten us in equal measure. Never before have we witnessed an hour long discussion about madness, murder and the macabre with so many laughs. Then we screened the great Steven Berkoff's version of 'The Tell Tale Heart'. We had had the enormous pleasure of seeing Steven's one man show many times before but this rare screening of a show he recorded in South Africa was a unique experience. Every subtle nuance of Poe's text, all the horrific and comic potential are captured in this extraordinary performance.

After the screening, Steven stepped on stage to talk about the incredible understanding of psychology at the heart of Poe's work and how it was this aspect of Poe's genius that inspired and fed Steven's portrayal. This was a terrific insight into the imagination and creativity of a unique artist.

Mr. Steven Berkoff was unveiling our specially commissioned bust of Edgar Allan Poe. We had planned a street closure at this point but our friends from Hackney Council were nowhere to be seen.

Never mind, the hundreds of people gathered claimed the road for themselves and even the delayed motorists entered into the spirit of the occasion, stepping out of their cars and cheering us on. The British public at its best collectively paying homage to an American. Who'd have thought it?

The bust was revealed, white stone glistening in the sunshine and huge applause all round.

We all shared a little moment of history. Wouldn't Mr Poe have been delighted?

And still we hadn't finished...

An evening screening of Roger Corman's 'The Masque of the Red  Death' paid tribute not only to Poe but also to the film's star Vincent  Price on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of his birth.

The screening was supported by an eerie collection of wraiths  quoting fragments from the works of Edgar Allan Poe amidst the candle  light. Thank you to the Carney Ville Players for providing the Spooks.
and thank you to our poster artist Emma Molony for joining us on  the night and creating a beautiful bespoke image for the evening.

The night was rounded off nicely when our dear friend and supporter, the writer, Sam Bain, agreed to be our flicker club Patron. We are thrilled.

And onto the next... we have this great idea about Daniel Defoe.....

                          You can view more photos from the Stoke Newington Literary Festival HERE  




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