In spite of the adverse weather conditions our Christmas flicker prevailed and we played to a lovely Lexi full house. Hoorah!

Admittedly, you can't go far wrong with a Christmas classic like 'Scrooge'. So a big, belated, THANK YOU to Alistair Sim. It wouldn't have been the same without you.

The entire nation could have enjoyed the (colourised, what else do you expect on Channel 5?) film on Christmas Eve at 4.00pm. But, and it's a big BUT...

Only those intrepid travellers to the Christmas flicker were lucky enough to have the unique opportunity of listening to Mr. Tom Hollander's captivating narration of the opening chapter of Dicken's timeless classic.
It was a fifteen minute piece that seemed to pass in half the time. I think we would have all been more than happy to put the film on hold and listen to Tom read the whole thing.

You know that you've found the perfect reader when you start visualising the narrator playing the central character. (We had that same feeling when Mark Rylance read 'The Night of the Hunter')

Now, we know Mr Hollander is far to young at present to play Mr Scrooge but, to hear him mutter 'Bah! Humbug' with such delicious contempt, it was not hard to imagine him challenging even the great Mr. Sim to a Scrooge Duel.


Our artist for this event was our new hero Ms. Emma Molony, perfectly encapsulated the film in her powerful poster but, seized with the Christmas spirit, gave each and every member of the audience a specially designed Christmas gift in the form of a Christmas Tree bauble with Mr. Scrooge himself captured in the little orb as if playing out his tale of Christmas redemption for all of us, forever.













And, as Tiny Tim said:

'God bless Us, Every One!'

Special thanks go to:

Our carol singers:
Pete Scott, Sinead McKenna & Cat Goscovitch

Creative Partnership for our poster printing:

Green Tomato Cars: 

Spotlight for sponsoring our screening rights: 

Shiv, for our christmas ident, flickbook and resident artist:

Sally, Teresa, Adam, Bea & Rosie at The Lexi for inviting us into their cinematic oasis with christmas cheer:
Our treasured artist Emma Molony for our poster & baubles:

and of course, our very special surprise Christmas guest, Mr. Tom Hollander



© shiv


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