In the midst of this blazing British Summer what better movie to  screen than the definitive summer blockbuster 'Jaws'?

We had two very special guests for this one. Internet sensation, Alex Warren came in to read the glorious 'Indianapolis' speech. It was a  terrific rendition and a great homage to Robert Shaw. Check out Alex in the very funny Newport rap here

Then we all settled back and squirmed in our seats as Bruce the shark enjoyed breakfast, lunch, dinner and assorted snacks, Great White Fun.

The afternoon climaxed with a visit from our good friend Safari Pete. He introduced us to a menagerie of friends including a beautiful owl called Juliette, a tarantula, scorpion, snake and cuddly meerkat called

We all left the Lexi delighted, humbled and respectful of the birds, beasts and fish that we share this little orb with.

Thank you to Adrian Johnson for his outstanding work on both the flickbook and this months glorious poster.

Lots of love,














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