Our very special surprise guest, Mr. Mark Rylance arrived and made his entrance dancing down the aisle of The Lexi Cinema to a Calypso track with vocals provided by Robert Mitchum and enticed the entire cinema to stand up and join him.

Mark then lead us in a recital of the hymn 'Leaning, Leaning, Leaning in the Arms of the Lord' prior to using the candle lit ambience of the cinema as a backdrop with an essence of a spiritual revivalist meeting in honour of the great Robert Mitchum.

Mark then settled to read an extract from Davis Grubb's novel 'The Night of the Hunter', as is the flicker club's tradition, but not without warning us that the good Lord saw all sin and sinners, should anyone dare harbour any criticism of his recital,

The candlelight flickered across his face as the malevolence of character and plot seeped through us. Then came the famous speech, the LOVE and HATE sermon, which encapsulates the entire story and was rivetingly told.
The poster was just wonderful. There was Robert Mitchum, flick knife in tattooed fist, bearing down on the innocent children cut out of the very dollar bills that entrap them and for this we thank Graham Humphreys.

This event had a fantastic punchy flickbook designed by James Brown. The image was a fist coming at you first with 'LOVE' tattooed on the knuckles then 'HATE', very powerful. Thank you James.

Then, of course, the film itself:
The Night of the Hunter

It is a cinematic gem and for that, thank you Charles Laughton




photograph © Joelchant.com 








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