How lovely to have a slice of Fleming read by iconic Bond Girl of them all, Pussy Galore herself. So we did just that. Licence to thrill, right?

There was much fun and frivolity to be had as Honor Blackman read from the original text of Goldfinger and we learnt of Pussy Galore's rampant lesbianism and Bond's determination to rise to the challenge and seduce her. Which he does of course.
As Honor remarked, we were all suitably appalled and amused by Mr. Fleming's disgraceful misogamy. But the chief delight was to hear Honor bring, not only Pussy, but also Goldfinger himself to life in a terrifically colourful and wickedly saucy narration at The Lexi Cinema.

Thank you to our guest of Honor.

We were also thrilled to have Michael Gillette on board as this month's artist.




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