When we started the flicker club we made a wish list of the guests and movies that we would like to screen. Top of that list was 'Don't Look Now' and the guest...Nic Roeg, legendary director of this film and the likes of 'Walkabout', 'Performance' and 'The Man Who Fell To Earth".

Well, as luck would have it, our first illustrious guest Ms. Miranda Richardson, so enjoyed the event that she offered to lean over her garden fence and invite her neighbour, Nic Roeg, to be a guest.


I mean, what are the chances?
Well, he and his lovely wife, Harriet Harper, came along and were just terrific. Nic introduced the evening and gave an insight into the task of adapting a book into a movie and Harriet bought Daphne Du Maurier's text alive with a wonderfully insightful reading in the lovely surroundings of The Lexi Cinema.

They say 'Be careful what you wish for'', we beg to differ..

We're drawing up a new wish list with Orson Welles at the top.
You never know your luck.

Our poster and flickbook were designed by our own lovely Shiv. Don't Look Now is her favourite film and we think this clearly shows in her beautiful interpretation of the movie.




photograph © Joelchant.com








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